I have just gone through a major heart breaking few days.

My Bischon Freese has really not been up to par for a couple of weeks. This weekend I had to admit to myself that he needed the vet. I seem to always make this kind do decision on the week end when it is not anything less than $200.00 dollars to set your foot into the emergency pet clinic then all things done go up from there. Bogart had an emisis of blood Saturday morning this was the last straw. Definitely something is wrong. Bogart was hardly able to walk or even lift his head up when we entered the vets. They took him To the back, drew blood gave him some O2, IV fluids and some multitude of gastric covering meds he was then brought back out with the first veridic. Just a little more perky but not much.

The vet was great, she had a great hand shake along with a comforting smile. Bogart was anemic first off, low but not quite to the critical area. Electrolytes and other labs were off also. We could be just looking at a gastric bleed, unknown reason if this is what was going on. Next bad but not so life threatening would be an autoimmune situation that could be monitored and cared for with meds. The last not so good diagnosis was a gastric ulcer. This one had no survival. Between $600.00 which where things were at this point for the cost of care that had been given or over a $1000.00 if they kept Bogart and watched him, I decided to take him home and care for him.

We managed to get through the weekend with Gatorade, pedialyte, baby food chicken. All done with a syringe and a straw. He really seemed to be a little better when I called for an appointment on Monday to my regular vet. This still couldn’t happen until Tuesday, today at 11:00. He really felt stronger. Or maybe it was me hoping that he was improving. Again some drops of blood were taken. I knew the information wasn’t going to be good when the doc didn’t want to tell me without taking me back to a room.

Well, as I stiffened to listen to what and where this was going she said it didn’t look very good. Bogart now has a fever, his hemoglobin was now critical. It hadn’t stabilized like I hoped because he had not had stools or emisis sense Saturday. Now I had to choose what to do now. Take him home and hope he improves, do X-rays,ultrasound and anything after depending on what they might tell.

Since he had a fever now and he was more anemic it didn’t look very good for him. I would never know if I could do something more for him if I don’t do a small next step. This was the ultrasound. Less invasive but good with diagnosis. I had to take him down to the emergency vet again. They preceded to tell me about the ultrasound and then started talking needle aspiration. This I thought might be to much for Bogart let alone my pocketbook. They explained that would only do the aspiration if Bogart was ok and truly needed it to tell us what is going on. He was the third little guy out so it was going to be a couple of hours. I headed home to Waite. Not something that you want to do. As I always told my patients family it is harder to be on the outside of the bed. Being the patient I can give things to make them feel better. The call came sooner than I thought, and it was horrible news. He had the big “C”. Cancer throughout his gut, liver even lungs. My baby was only eight just not easy now to say the words. They were so very nice there is now many ways to have your pet put to sleep and what to do with his remains. I would have liked the cremation with urn or the other choices. But I just couldn’t look at going down and picking him up and taking him somewhere else to have him put to sleep. Plus we had rocked up a very good bill with ultrasound and needle aspiration. I had to choose for them to keep

This is my baby Bogrt.

This is my baby Bogrt.



Write about the most precious thing you’ve ever lost.

Humpy, was the most precious thing that I lost.  Or Humphrey to those that didn’t know him.  It was a wonderful 14 years.   Tough on everything that he did but with every bone a loving one.

Humpy was my Boston Terrier.  I don’t think this blog could go on long enough for me to tell all the stories I have of him in my brain and heart.  Even though he has been gone for quite a few years now and I have some wonderful little ones Humpy will always be with me.